Tony Campolo

Thanks for the good news that you would like to have me be with you on January 30-February 1, 2009. I just wanted you to know that I am absolutely thrilled with this opportunity to return to be with you and the people at that gathering. I consider it one of the most significant missions conferences anywhere in the world. Great things happen. People are challenged. The Gospel is preached. Lives are changed. It will be a thrill to be a part of it all again.

My prayers go with you as you plan for the programs. Yours in Christ,
Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo speaking at Missions Fest

Mary Ann Foreman

Missions Fest Children’s Program

“Everybody was so happy!”

“The people were really kind.”

“No one said anything to make anyone feel bad.”

“I loved the way all the ladies were dressed in pretty colors and even clothes that sparkled.”

“They had good food, especially the dried mango.”

These were observations from children who attended the children’’s program in room 15 Saturday evening. Youngsters visited a series of displays where they tasted beautifully prepared finger foods, learned some Filipino vocabulary, and made a Philippine flag. They learned that when the flag is flown upside down, the top color is red and that means that the country is at war. When the top color is blue, the flag is flying right side up, and there is peace.

After the activities, dancers appeared and presented a program as riveting as any children’s TV special. Beautiful girls in colorful costumes danced with their partners. As they swirled gracefully in front of the audience, they carried in their hands lighted candles in small containers. Then, as they danced, the candles were carried in silk scarves, and finally were balanced on their foreheads!

All eyes were riveted on these dancers as they then brought out two long bamboo poles which two young men placed together on the floor and beat out a rhythm. Barefoot dancers jumped between the poles quickly lifting their feet as the beat led them to leap out of the way as they banged together. It was much like skipping rope, but a misstep as a rope comes around is much gentler than these substantial hollow poles. Imagine the delight when children were invited, in twos, to participate!

The entire program was orderly and the adults seemed to be enjoying the activities as much as the children.

It was a blessing to be present, and I’’m hoping they will be back next year.

George Verwer

Founder of Operation Mobilization

I have been linked with the Missions Fest™ conference in Vancouver for the fifth time. I believe that it honors and glorifies God when churches and individuals work together in such an event. …to reach this huge world with thousands of people groups, God has raised up a wide range of ministries. Young people, before making life decisions, need to know what is out there. Missions Fest™ conferences do that. The Missions Fest™ conference in Vancouver has become a model conference for similar events across Canada and other parts of the world. Only eternity will tell the story of the huge impact of this event.