The following Missions Fest™ International brochures are available for downloading:
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These articles deal with issues that we face in missions.
Should We Stop Sending Missionaries?
Principles for avoiding the corrupting power of money
(by Robertson McQuilkin)
Money or Missionaries is not the Question
(by Ralph D. Winter)

Uncovering Missions Fest–Engaging the World with the Gospel

by Richard J. Dodding

book cover – Uncovering Missions Fest: Engaging the World with the Gospel by Richard Dodding“A fascinating account of how one of the biggest missions festivals in the world began and grew.”
Canon Dr. Michael Green, Oxford, UK

“I have been so blessed and challenged to read this story…one man with a passion and burden to challenge the churches with the Great Commission. It looked impossible, but what an important lesson to see that ‘with God NOTHING is impossible’.”
Brother Andrew, missionary, author of God’s Smuggler, founder of Open Doors with Brother Andrew

“Missions Fest is one of the premier missions conferences in the world. This conference draws huge crowds to hear some of the best speakers in the world. Here, in Uncovering Missions Fest–Engaging the World with the Gospel, is a thorough account of its history, which in itself can inspire the reader to consider what he or she can do to carry out the Great Commission.”
Dr. Tony Campolo, Eastern University, St. Davids, PA

Note from the author: Uncovering Missions Fest tells the exciting story about how Missions Fest was established. Also woven into the story are insights for cities that have already registered and are working through the process.

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Stories from a Reluctant Missionary

by Arlene G. Dodding

Book cover - Stories from a Reluctant Missionary by Arlene DoddingYou won’t be able to put this book down. I wasn’t! Reading Stories from a Reluctant Missionary made me laugh and cry–and relive my days in Kenya. These stories of sacrifice and dedication are full of adventure, challenges and, most of all, love. Arlene has captured the thrill of introducing her village students to the wonders of science and technology. In truth, these Christian young people have taken their places in Kenyan society in medicine, teaching and business.”
Lillian Cornelius Warkentin, missionary and Bible translator

“‘Aaaaah! It is magic!’ to quote one of Arlene Dodding’s students on learning something marvellous at her hands. This is indeed a charming, engaging evocation of the rural Kenya of my own first teaching experience. Arlene’s writing–now comic, now stirring, now provocative–is a sweet, gentle love song to the African youth she taught and mentored, showing how we thrive in the shelter of each other, and illustrating Thomas Aquinas dictum that ‘diversity is the perfection of the universe’.”
Meguido Zola, professor, writer, and executive/personal coach

Note from the author: What is it like to be a missionary? Thinking about becoming one? This is for you! You never know the outcome when you say, “yes” to God.

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African Representative

Jean BeyaRev. Jean Medard M. Beya
Africa Representative of Missions Fest International

Letter of Introduction

March 01, 2018
To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Letter of Introduction: Rev. Jean Medard M. Beya
On behalf of the Directors of the Missions Fest International Association, I am pleased to re-appoint Rev. Jean Beya as Africa Representative of Missions Fest International, for another two-year term. He will serve as liaison between the leadership of French and English speaking cities in African countries, holding Missions Fest™ conferences, and the Missions Fest International Association (MFIA). This position will be conducted as a volunteer and no remuneration will be forthcoming.

His responsibilities include the following:

A. In new cities, Rev. Beya will work with the church leadership to explain fully the vision and concept of a MissionsFest™ conference, and enable them work through the steps toward signing a License Agreement with MFIA and
follow the steps toward holding their first conference.

B. In MFIA member cities, Rev. Beya will serve to advise and consult on behalf of MFIA in various areas of ongoing development including:
1. Policies of the churches, together, taking full responsibility for the conferences, and adherence to all aspects of the signed License Agreement.
2. Maintaining the three main goals of a Missions Fest™ conference: information, celebration & challenging attendees to participate in the Great Commission of Jesus.
3. Accountability of Funds. All financial statements showing how funds are received, a record of how much each church contributes and how funds are spent, available to observe.
4. Annual records of the names of the supporting churches, the names and phone numbers of their appointed representatives and their executive committee.
5. Co-operation with other Missions Fest™ conferences, in setting dates and sharing information.
6. Keynote Speakers. Provide consultation regarding credible mission speakers.

For further information, please contact the office of the Missions Fest International Association.

Richard J. Dodding
Chief Executive Officer
Missions Fest International Association
99 Mundy Street, Coquitlam, BC Canada V3K 5L5
Tel. +1-604-526-5693 Email.
Skype: dodding (PDF)

Resources for Registered Member Cities

If you have a log-in username and password, click on the link below to gain access to the resources for participating cities. If you would need are interested in knowing more about hosting your own Missions Fest please contact us.

Those participating in Missions Fest as a registered city will be able to find:

  • Forms of many kinds that can be adapted for your city;
  • Missions organizations who are familiar with Missions Fest and might be able to come to yours;
  • Policies on many topics that you will encounter as you plan your conference;
  • Procedures on how to complete some of the tasks;
  • Registration considerations when you form your own organization;
  • Timelines for helping you prioritize what needs to be done so that you are ready for the big event;
  • Speaker possibilities who are people who are familiar with Missions Fest and have participated in one.